Tradingview charts

Tradingview charts are also another excellent provider of binary/forex charts,tools and information and are free to download by simply going to : and registering with them. They offer a free 30 day trial but I have used their platform for over twelve months now and have not been asked to pay.

The Tradingview charting system is easy to follow and in real time ( as long as your internet speed is good ), they offer many tools and special features, such as all the tools you would normally expect (MACD,Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, a vast array of oscillators etc andthe list goes on ) , these are all easy to install on your sellected chart, just choose what you want to add to the chart and click your mouse and thats it done,installed. You can also add arrows and text to your charts as well for future back testing/referencing if you wish.

Amoung the special features, they also have a public library where you can access other peoples stratergies that they have posted,already coded and ready to apply to your chart ( this library can be found under the ” Stratergy Tester ” located below your sellected chart ) . I am currently testing  one of these stratergies at the moment on a demo account and it seems to be working well, winning 82% of the trades tested so far. ( I will publish this stratergy in an next article next week, if it keeps up this winning ratio ).

Anyone can post their stratergy ideas in this library for others to use if they wish so as you can imagine there are a lot  to choose from, accompanied by alot of comments, questions and answers etc . I found some to be a bit too complex for me to follow but there are quite a few that are basic and easy to follow as well, just remember to trial every thing on a demo account first.

All in all I have found this platform easy to navigate my way around and the library has been exceptionally helpful.

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