Trading account managers have been around for a long time and are usually associated with a broker, so I have always stayed away from any advice that they have offered, as they work for the broker, the same broker you are trading against. See where I’m going with this, it would be a conflict of interest.

But lately I have noticed a lot of people advertising their services as Trading Account Managers on certain social networks especially facebook. So me being the curious type of person I am, and still abit gulable, I decided to try one of them out. I inlisted the services of ” Kathryn Jany Roche “. She showed me her trading licence and walked me through how she would be trading for me ( using a signal provder called the Auxiliary Signal Provider ) and that after my successful withdrawal of the profits that I would pay her 20%, and that I would have access to my broker account so as I could monitor what was going on. I deposited the minimum funds from my bitcoin wallet into her  ” preferred broker ” which was ‘ GTX Option “, and was given my login detatails. At first site everything looked good, and I did not want to interupt her signal provder that was supposedly attached to my account, but I could see the balance of the account daily. Signs of scam started to appear, such as I could not see the trade history as the account balance was increasing signifantly daily and the live chat would not answer my question about it.

I had locked myself into a three week trading period with her and she chatted to me almost daily about different things. The three weeks was now up and time to make the big withdrawal ( which was 100% guaranteed according to her add ), of $35,000 USD from a $500 USD deposit, I know right, too good to be true.

I received an email from GTX OPTION stating that my withdrwal was scheduled to happen in three days time, and that I had to Pay a 10% token gesture  ( $3,500  USD which I did not pay) for disconection before they would release the so called profits. I contacted Kathryn, she pretended to be in disbelief saying this had not happened to her for a long time ( she did not disclose this could happen at all and niether had GTX Options ) and that she was sorry. She has since blocked me on facebook.

I have also asked some other would be Trading Account Managers some hard questions and have either not been answesd or blocked suggesting that they too are scams. I have no doubt that there are legitimate Trading Account Managers out there but from what I see and have encounted over the last few days, most will be scams.

Here are a few tips to help protect yourself against would be Trading Account Managers:

  1. Ensure they are who the say the are, ask to see photo ID that matches their profile picture. ( just remember these documents could be fake as well ) ie; Drivers licence, Passport etc as government or state issued Documents are harder to fake.
  2. Check out their profile on facebook, most wont have any friends, and if they do check out where most of them are from. I mean for instance for someone to have a profile picture of themself portraying say a white male or female from  Texas USA ,why is it most or all of the friends and post comments are from the African continent or Indonesia, these by the way are known scam destinations, well the most popular anyway. Most profiles wont go back very far maybe three to six months, when fb has been around for years now.
  3. Check their literacy for example; if they are potraying themselves to be from Texas then one would expect their literacy to be fluent english and not broken in anyway or hard to understand.
  4. If you do make contact with a Trading Account Manager and they start to pursue you hard for your business, more than likley a scam.
  5. Ask them for a skype call, it’s free and you can see who you are talking to (matching to their profile picture ).
  6. Ask if they work for the broker, if yes, just walk away, remember the broker is who you are trading against.
  7. Ask yourself, how can a broker sustain these sorts of withdrawals ie: for example 10 clients of the Trading Account Manager, all withdwrawal $10,000 USD weeky as advertised, that is $100,000 USD weekly, trust me brokers would not be having anypart of that.
  8. Dont let anyone try and bully you into anything, if they persist just block them, because they are going to block you as soon as they have your hard earned money.
  9. And finally , ask all the questions you need to, if you still feel uneasy inside yourself, just walk away. But as always do your homework on who you want to invest with. For some reason I did not do enough due dilligence and it cost me $500 USD . If you want to see any proof of this scam feel free to comment and I will get back to you. Hope this will save some of you from making the wrong choice.
  10. If you feel These articles have helped you in anyway, you can show your support by donating any bitcoin amount to my wallet   3LskB2KdMPkZSTc3ik5C1cx1XDzpsNom5J     thanking you in advance,  from JTC Trading.

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