Binary Options Risk


Binary Options Risk

Binary Options Risk

Investing in Binary Options carries significant risk and you could loose all of your initial investment, so like any investment, do not invest money you can not afford to loose.

As you may have heard Binary Options trading can be very profitable and can happen very quickly, but the same can be said about losses and if not managed properly this can have devastating results on your trading account balance.

Although there are ways to reduce the risk involved such as,

Dealing with a reputable Broker,

Using good and proven strategies,

Controlling your emotions ( especially after loosing a couple of trades ) and last but not least,

Good Money Management, there will always be risk present as in market fluctuation / volatility, this can change a winning trade into a loss in as little as one second, no matter how good your strategy is.

The reality is you are not going to win every trade, you are not going to get rich over night, but if you can deal with the items listed above, you will stand a better chance of growing your account balance and becoming a better trader.


Whilst all the Items listed above are very important, the hardest one I found difficult to control when I first started trading was controlling emotion. Loosing 2 trades in a row would make me angry and anxious and I would break my own rules and not walk away, instead I would force a trade that did not meet the rules of that particular strategy, causing another loosing trade and this made it worse as I increased the investment amount ( trying to re-coup my losses ) and the consequences were horrific, I lost my initial deposit of $250 plus the $72 profit I had made and all this within 8 hours of opening the trading account.

Be patient and adhere to your strategy and trading rules.

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