About this website

I have developed this website, basically for people who are new to the world of trading Binary Options.

All the information and stratergies in the articles are free and I will never ask you to buy anything from me. However, there are advertisers listed down the right hand side of these pages which I do receive a small commission from if you do decide shop and purchase from them, which helps fund this site.

The articles on this site are written from the knowledge gained from my own personal experiences as a new trader, three years ago, through until now as a part time trader, both binary options and Forex.

The aim of this website is to arm new traders with knowledge, so as they do not fall into any of the Traps/Scams that I fell into costing me thousands of dollars. I find trading binary options alot more rewarding now that I know what I am doing rather than chasing the elussive ” pot of gold at the end of the rainbow “.

There are an array of educational books on binary options trading which I would suggest reading ( well a few of them anyway ) if you want to succeed at trading binary options. You can find alot of these books by clicking on the High Lighted, Underlined words in the articles.

So if you are new to binary option trading please read these articles and at least a couple of the books before signing up with any Broker, Trading Robot, Trading Signal ProviderĀ or anything else that you might think is a bit suspect.

I will try to post new articles weekly, so stay tuned and hopefuly these articles will save you some money, stress and time.

Feel free to leave a comment on any anything that you are not sure about and together we should be able to work it out.