With Bitcoin being so popular now, I have shifted a lot of my focus into this market. Being relatively new to Bitcoin and everything that is cryptocurrency based there has been a lot to learn,  from learning about Bitcoin itself through to setting up different wallets to buy/ hold Bitcoin, to wallets that will only accept Bitcoin or Etherium as trade currencies to be able to buy and trade other Alt coins or tokens.

After a bit of self education, the next step was to set up an online cryptocurrency wallet to purchase some portions of a Bitcoin, known as a Satoshi ( 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin ). I opened a wallet with ” coinbase and used my credit card to purchase some Satoshi. This process was relatively simple and straight forward, all in all about ten minutes to set up.

As I wanted to buy other coins, I now had to set up another wallet to be able to do this. After looking at many different wallets , and there are quite a few, I decided I would open one with ” Binance ” who have great range of Alt. coins to trade including the four cryptocurrencies that coinbase deal with ie. Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. I then transferred a large portion of my Satoshi from coinbase to Binance and proceeded to buy a couple of other coins while the market is trying to recover from the down turn of the last week or so.

I also looked into mining Bitcoin which on the surface looked rather difficult but then I stumbled across cloud mining, so after reviwing what was legit and what looked to me like scams I decided to open an account with ” hashflare ” which i could do with my credit card and bought two terrahash of power for $440 USD for a one year contract which all going well should at the very least tripple my investment. (hashflare code is 6E4B5CF0 , that last digit “0”is zero )

While there is still alot to learn I am looking forward to this journey so stay tuned and we will see what else there is out there to help provide an income or a passive income.

And remember not to invest an amount that you are not prepared to loose and insure you do you due dilligence before making any type of investment.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to this wallet address:  1zcg5Yvyr7hkrVq9QrGP98vs43FuyqHK4



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